Marketing Analytics Consultant

As a marketing analytics consultant, I assist firms in establishing a data-driven marketing department by developing a specific strategy and optimization plan. I offer marketing consulting services to increase data resource integration, connect data patterns, optimise reporting systems, and empower stakeholders to be at the core of your performance.

Marketing Analytics Features and Capabilities

Marketing analytics offers effective learning and marketing capability expansion in order to control marketing performance.

  • Customer segmentation and intelligence
  • Multi-Channel Tracking, Cross-Channel Tracking, Cross-device Tracking
  • Modeling of attribution
  • Analysis of revenue funnels and marketing performance
  • Campaign evaluation, content evaluation, CRO, and A/B testing
  • Analysis of advertising, budget control, and ROAS analysis
  • SEO and organic research
  • Listening to and analysing social media
  • Forecasting, optimization, and predictive analytics are all examples of predictive analytics.
  • Competitive analysis and market research

Digital Marketing Analytics Consultant

Providing business analytics consulting by establishing the relationship between corporate objectives and data metrics, proactively recognising opportunities and dangers, and using actionable insights.

  • Create a digital marketing analytics approach tailored to your sector and KPIs.
  • Provide a technical plan for your analytics infrastructure, including your platform, cloud, and tools.
  • Customize your reporting system and dashboards to your company’s needs.
  • Maintain your analytic system and assist your data team with ongoing business needs.

Marketing Intelligence

  • Goals and objectives: Determining the business objectives and developing the necessary marketing KPIs. Defining the predicted targets and measurements needed to manage marketing performance.
  • Data management: Data management entails reviewing data sources and implementing technology integration for data collection.
  • Analysis and reporting: Analysis and reporting entails establishing the necessary reporting system, periods, performance measures, and dimensions. Consulting on Google Analytics and Marketing Technology approach.
  • Marketing Dashboard: Creating marketing dashboards that clearly communicate marketing outcomes as well as strategic insights and corporate goals utilising graphics and data models.

Business Intelligence (BI) & Marketing Analytics

  • Business Discovery: Business Discovery consists of the following steps: defining the business objective, identifying opportunities and threats, and doing a competitive analysis.
  • Organization Analytics: CRM & Offline Data Analytics, Sales Analytics, Brand Equity, Consumer Analysis, Retention/Churn Analysis
  • Marketing Analytics: Marketing Dashboard, Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), Marketing Performance, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and ROI Analysis
  • Online Analytics: Website analytics, social media analytics, attribution modelling, and channel analytics are all examples of online analytics (Paid and Organic)

The Impact of Marketing Analytics on Business

  • Customer Intelligence: Customer intelligence entails comprehending your consumer journey and target audience.
  • Market and Competitive Analysis: Identify market opportunities, analyse the situation, and identify rivals.
  • Marketing Performance: Track the success of your marketing operations, brand metrics, channels, campaigns, and marketing ROI.
  • Facts-Driven Plan: Base your marketing strategy on real-world data and effective metrics. Current patterns are being monitored, and future trends are being predicted.
  • Forecasting and Prediction: Use data to generate prediction models and determine the best course of action to take in the future.

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