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  • It started with the sheer awe of holding a magical tiny box in my hand through which I could capture and hold almost eternity in my palm, recreating the magic held together in the pages of time. It was truly fascinating.

    The camera became an extension of time wherein I could wander off with the memories in any direction I wanted and create stories in my mind that never really happened. Or it would just be an amusing smile held in silence.

    Slowly the need of storing incidents, people and place over grew to another startling discovery- me. I soon found myself shooting irrelevant things, waiting endless for the sky to turn the perfect orange or to catch the flutter of the flag in a dead wind. They were interesting escapades and I had started to enjoy myself, more in the process than the end result.

    Slowly I found myself through my compositions and what I learnt, I applied it back through what I saw. My eye started seeing things in a different way leaving me hungry for greater discoveries.

    With the passage of time, and more recently to confess, the camera became my preferred companion on all my travels. The eye was seeing things differently through the lens and a whole new world was opening before my eyes.

    I don૮ow much about processing software࡮d refrain from playing around with the photographs. I like the aberration and the anomaly as life is far from perfect. The craze to put together a ⥡tਯtograph has mercifully left me untouched as I indulge in its raw passions.

    I intend to travel more and capture moments that translate and share stories of people. The process of enjoying photography as a means of expression is opening up within me and I am truly looking forward to share more visual stories.

    Sharing a few for your indulgenceꠠ

    all images and text ⰱ2 Rahul Gupta