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  • .garden is more than a collection of plants, it is a state of mind, nature tucked away in our palm, let the palm breathe and let us bring it to life for you...

    Some of the greatest conversations I have ever had are the ones in solitude and silence under trees; for in them I found great friends. My love affair with them grew over time and I started studying them in greater details to understand their character.

    It was a slow realization that the native species were disappearing and the temptation to put something that did not belong, was on the rise. My agriculture experience helped me understand things better and this resulted in extending my penchant with the Green to providing Landscaping Solutions.

    For me Landscapes should reflect a passionate story and this has to stem from not just knowledge but rather and more importantly, passion for plants. I look at my designs from three perspectives- one is the feel of being in the middle of it, second in conjunction with the building and third is the view from inside.

    A leaf peeping around the edge of the window, drooping flowers seen from the bedroom, a mild fragrance seeping in from the corners, huge trees that make place for escape from heat are all challenges that I face in trying to create a seamless garden. For those who sit in the gardens, should evoke an emotional response, even if its for a brief period of time.

    For me, gardens are a place that offer us relaxation, make us think and somewhere enable us to discover ourselves. They are more than just delighting and entertain us.It is like creating a painting, an outdoor canvas that one can decorate with colour and texture, shapes and forms, using elements of water and aggregates of stone those result in beautiful and alluring spaces.

    My endeavor is to use plants that are endemic to the surroundings whilst continuing the experimentation with lesser known plant species.

    For I strongly believe that we all must give something back to land and acknowledge what we have been given.

    Inova Naturals born sometime in 2006, attempts to collaborate time and space to design distinct moods that reflect separate yet interlocking creations..

    all images and text 2012 Rahul Gupta