The Endeavour to reach out to people and touch younger minds, as a process has already begun through the workshops that I have started conducting.

These workshops have found their way to schools for children in the 9th standard till 11th standard where we engaged with them on exploration of ideas and unleashed their imagination. The results were excellent making me realize the true importance of carrying forward these interactions with greater research and application.

This also encouraged me to go beyond the realms of schools and try and get students and working professionals to connect and explore the various dimensions of “idea stimulation”.

Thus evolved the concept of conducting interactive workshops at my farm house, situated about 25kms away from Jaipur city. A few skeptics have called it too futuristic but I have dug in my heels as I believe true learning can be enhanced when we work in an open environment, under the sky.

The workshop on “Ideas & Imagination” is the first step in this direction and I hope that this will be the beginning of many. Eventually there are so many other subjects and fields that lie awaiting, to be discovered.

I invite you to be a part of this project as we can only teach what we are willing to learn..

all images and text © 2012 Rahul Gupta