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  • It was in year 1997 that I read the following lines written on a painting made by an unknown deprived child.

    “It took me many years to understand I had to lose all known territories and start afresh to find new ones- ones that form a new heritage. Where you meet up with ancestors you have never heard of before. I was not afraid then nor am I today-I need to know who I am. The saddest thing is this often frightens others.”

    I left my job a few months later to begin my journey of moving from a corporate world into farming at Sirohi, Rajasthan, in the foothills of the Aravalli”s. Being close to nature, I wanted to do something that involved people and plants. With no experience in agriculture and almost no money left after buying the land; I faced the formidable task of facing 5 consecutive droughts. Though my family supported and encouraged me with this new direction, being away from them was certainly not easy.

    The dream started as I imagined creating a place that offered people a retreat from the city- a place which is warm and relaxing and speaks of the concern of local people whilst offering natural solutions to the workplace. A workplace that connects people to the real life, an experience that is about shared space and a sense of community.

    With my heart with my soil and its plants, I ploughed the soil and worked very hard to develop the land. Experimentations with numerous crops helped me understand the science of agriculture.

    Today, we have taken the step towards modernization of the farm and have installed drip irrigation systems improvising agricultural practices.

    We welcome people who have an interest to learn and give something back to the land.

    Do visit us, if you happen to be in the area.

    all images and text © 2012 Rahul Gupta