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  • Ideas & Imagination - Express, Exchange, and Engage

    Be there to inspire and to get inspired.

    We are absorbing the sun饳 for two days, welcoming spring ~

    Many say it࡬l about Creativity... now is that a skill or an attitude ?
    Can it be defined? Transmitted? Inspired?
    Can it Communicate? Solve Problems? Break Barriers?

    Can෥ simply gather to be with each other?
    To arrive to a space, to connect, to speak and discover each other - through collective experience, insights and expressive communication.

    堡re all Imaginationᮤ Experience is everything.

    We invite you to be parts of the collaborative space where you will come from your own world of imaginations and learning into a space where many ᮤs, voices and eyes㨡ll together seek, share and stitch their thoughts with actions.

    The 2 days workshop explores the importance of generation of Creative Ideas and the usefulness of developing 詮king᳠a tool. The workshop will introduce the participants to creative problem solving and idea generating methods.

    At the end of the workshop the participants will understand that process is as important as the end result, that Together We Can Achieve More (TEAM). They will learn that their simple observations and ordinary ideas, can give them simply an extraordinary outcome.

    Let the open sky and the sun witness a small change, evolution of fresh ideas and learning process.

    Bring with you, the playful self, your natural curiosity and a free mind.

    You will find:

    a circle of spiraling conversations and connections
    a window portal to co-create and express
    a reflective resting space

    and a moving surprise !!
    all images and text ⰱ2 Rahul Gupta