The attempt to live life fully, I have discovered requires two great traits; first, the conviction to believe in oneself and second, to have a never ending appetite for new romances with life.

The first one grew on itself with every new initiative that I took, against all odds to keep uncovering the new stories of life. They were early years and I was eager. After so many seasons, my appetite to discover has not waned and instead has sharpened in my senses.

Most of the people I have known, knew what they wanted and where they wanted to go but not me. Like the Baz Luhramann sunscreen song- 襠most interesting people I know didn૮ow at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives, some of the most interesting 40 year olds I know still donAs for me, I am still wandering.

Truth is not constant and keeps altering from where it begins. The discovery of the changing sands of time draws me like a magnet. I feel compelled to let go and allow myself to find the fascinating stories they have to offer.

From one stone to another, I walked in the afternoon sun, bare feet oblivious to the scorching heat. It was then that I truly realized the beauty of small grooves of shade. My journeys have given me an insight on how hard we are trying to preserve what we have when life itself has always evolved and gone through so many transitions.

This website offers a narrative of my tales, a few with words and the rest with visuals; each that connects the dot to create a canvas. Amidst the criss cross of the line that runs across it, you can flow with the river or be silent in the shadows. You can choose to be where you wish to be and catch the metaphors in prose or poetry.

It has been thoroughly enjoyable - all my exploits from the mundane of corporate life to the unpredictability of the agrarian one, from the delights of teaching to using the camera as an extension of myself, every bit teaches me that there is so much to learn, provided one has the willingness to learn.

I have had the best teachers of the world, the sky above my head and the earth beneath my feet!

I am careful where I step and what I do, trying not to disturb the layers but rather finding space between them.

My journey is far from overﰾ

all images and text ⰱ2 Rahul Gupta